Light Bulbs, GE Energy Efficient Reveal 72 Watt Clear General Purpose Halogen (replaces 100W bulbs)

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The GE Energy-Efficient Reveal¨ Clear 72 Watt A19 Bulbs in a 2-Pack provide bright and efficient lighting to illuminate your home. This accessory is designed for general purpose use and can be installed in table lamps or ceiling fan lamps among other light fixtures. With 72-watts of power, these GE halogen bulbs put out 1120 lumens of light to brighten up your living area. The estimated yearly energy cost of these clear bulbs is $8.67. This package contains 12 of these bulbs and each one lasts for an estimated 0.9 years. These GE clear bulbs use 28 percent in a package of 2 uses less energy than standard bulbs. It is an ample replacement for a 100-watt bulb while only utilizing 72-watts. It gives sufficient light to brighten up your home and help it to feel warm and inviting when it is dark or cloudy outside. Add them to lamps and other fixtures to make reading and other tasks a breeze.

GE Reveal 72W Light Bulbs, Clear, 12 Bulbs:
Halogen bulbs
A19 general purpose bulbs
1120 lumens GE halogen bulbs
Estimated energy cost of $8.67 per year