Bathroom, Awaken 3-Spray Function Hand Shower with Slide Bar Kit in Vibrant Brushed Nickel

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This all-in-one kit includes the Awaken G90 multifunction handshower, a 24 in. slide bar and a 60 in. ribbon hose. Advanced spray performance delivers three distinct sprays-wide coverage, intense drenching, or targeted-with a smooth rotation of a thumb tab. Ergonomic design makes for superior comfort and ease of use, with ideal balance and weight in the hand. The artfully sculpted spray face reveals simple, architectural forms that complement contemporary and minimalist baths.
Handshower features contemporary design
Advanced spray engine provides three alternate experiences: wide coverage, intense drenching and targeted spray
Wide coverage spray produces an encompassing spray for everyday use
Intense drenching spray delivers a forceful spray ideal for rinsing soap from hair
Targeted spray is a focused stream for targeting sore muscles or use as a utility spray
Thumb tab allows for a smooth transition between sprays
Spray nozzles cover full area of spray head
Combination of balance, weight, grip and angle makes this handshower comfortable and easy to use
MasterClean spray face is easy to clean
2.0 GPM (gallons per minute) flow rate