Pavers, Splitrock large palamino, 10x7x3

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Pavestone cutting-edge SplitRock Series provides a set of natural looking split-face building blocks for your outdoor hardscape projects. The rugged stone appearance offers a natural look and feel, adding texture and dimension to both traditional and innovative applications. The durable SplitRock sizes can be assembled in a variety of configurations and orientations. In addition to simple running bond patterns, the stones can be easily stacked with insets, moved forward and backward, horizontally and vertically, for more aesthetically pleasing visual relief and texture. Known for its beauty, versatility and strength, increase the possibilities for creative expression in your backyard landscape using the new SplitRock Series by Pavestone.
Multiple projects designed with a combination of different sized stones
Split face texture offers a more rugged stone appearance, exposing the inner aggregates and giving depth to each block
Simple assembly with exterior heavy-duty construction adhesive, no cutting required
SplitRock in-organic, iron oxide pigments will not fade with extended UV exposure
Each pallet contains 96 pieces