Sharing the Goods

 As ministry of Ferncliff Camp and Conference center, Sharing the Goods will helps nonprofits and churches improve their facilities and reduce costs so they can focus more resources on their mission. Through this program, organizations can acquire products at discounts of averaging 85%. 


Through a non-profit called Good360, the nation’s leader in product philanthropy, Ferncliff is now a Community Redistribution Partner (CRP). As a CRP, Ferncliff is able to receive product donations from companies like Home Depot, Pottery Barn, Grainger, Tempur-pedic, etc. These products can then be shared with churches and non-profits for pennies on the dollar.  If you are a non-profit or church and would like to join the local network and be eligible for these discounted products, fill out this online application.  There is no cost during this initial sign up period.

As a local member, your church or non-profit can shop for items that will save costs and enhance facilities. Currently our Sharing the Goods warehouse has hardwood flooring, area rugs, tile, pavers, vanities, patio furniture, sink fixtures, doors, storage containers (totes), bed pillows and much more. As a local member, you can buy from our online store and/or come browse our products at the warehouse located 7 miles west of Little Rock.

 Local network members can also can shop for items that they can donate to local charities with whom they work. For example, Target recently donated 2400 bed pillows. The pillows retailed from $8 to $14.40 but cost local members just $2. Churches can buy pillows (or any of the items in the warehouse) and then gift them to local non-profits. Through this program hundreds of Tempur-pedic mattresses have been shared with Arkansas non-profits.


By finding homes for these products they are kept them out of landfills. The more savings we generate for churches and non-profits, the more funds are available to accomplish their mission.  The more products we share, the more we can increase the volume and variety.

Click here for an online application to join Ferncliff’s Sharing the Goods local network or email if you would like a copy you can print off. As a member of the local network, you will also be given a code for 20% off all items in the Good360 national online store.

Questions? Call David at 501-416-8946 or email via

All of the items listed on this site are stored in our warehouse in Little Rock and available for purchase and pickup. We're open from 8:30 - 3:30 Monday through Friday. Click the image below for a sneak peek into our warehouse!